My Journey

What we don’t know, we don’t know! 

Growing up we are never given a rule book on the right things to do the right things to say or become. We are not always given the direction, support, or the reassurance we all need to succeed. We are at times unsure and in doubt, and often feel like we have to find our way all on our own. No one to truly feel safe with, count on or trust. 

That term “The Total Package”may mean different things to different people when it comes to looks, personality, and character. However, life challenges and heartbreak affect all of us, and we are not always emotionally or mentally equipped to deal with them. Not everyone is as lucky to be surrounded by  people who support you  and understand you, who will stand by you, love you and guide you no matter how many mistakes you may at times make.

This kind of “Unconditional love” is pure and often under delivered .

Sometimes we just have to try and figure this out all on our own and that is not an easy task as we are unawarely moulded, not perfect, and very much human. 

Aviva Reimer growing up as a young girl, was exactly that kid who felt left behind, who felt unworthy because her circumstance did not allow for the nurturing emotional stability a child needs. With no real understanding, affection, guidance, praise or tender loving care expressed, she had to fight her own way to self love and awareness. 

Her knowledge, compassion and personal journey of struggle, self reflection, perspective , and understanding of how the mind works or responds has brought her to help so many others now. Finally there is someone who can relate, understand and guide you out of your emotional baggage, someone who has the ability to help you understand a new positive and safe existence within your own life direction and with out judgement . A recipe that will awaken you and build you to create a life filled with fulfilling relationships , positive and supportive  environment and a renewed confidence. A happy confident Life.

Throughout her coaching career and programs, Aviva has guided many towards self love and understanding of their own personal limiting beliefs which have been holding them back from living their dream life, with the love they all deserve and the life they want.