Succeed In Your Relationships

Succeed In Your Relationships


This is your exclusive 6-week program with both Aviva and Michael - two leading and influential life coaches working exclusively for the success of your relationship. This program is designed to strengthen and renew your relationship in ways you never imagined. In fact, with the help of Aviva and Michael, you will get twice the knowledge, experience, and insights that will bring new perspectives you didn’t think were possible. This program brings you:

  • A thorough understanding of Masculine vs. Feminine Energy and why it is crucial

  • The power to identify what is and isn’t working for you

  • How to repair broken trust

  • The ability to decipher the difference between listening to your mind and your heart

  • Ability to understand the significant differences between you and your partner’s need

  • The ability to go beyond your perceptions and dive into your hidden truth

  • The power to restore fun, play, excitement, and romance back into your life

Who are Aviva Reimer and Michael Highstead?

Michael Highstead
Michael was a self-made millionaire by the age of 23. He experienced tremendous successes in real estate, business, and the stock market before reluctantly losing both his family and fortunes through a series of poor choices which can affect us all. In 2001, Michael took back control of his life and wrote ‘Set Yourself Free: The Guide For Drunks, Smokers, Addicts & Millionaires’. The book led to Michael becoming a highly sought-after life and business coach.

Aviva Reimer
Aviva Reimer is one of Canada’s preeminent authorities on life transformation, relationship building, and matchmaking. Her techniques on Personal Development, Life Coaching, and Fitness have been highly effective as evident through her many existing clients. Aviva’s personal experiences in life and her successful entrepreneurship endeavours via several leadership capacities have culminated in her unique ability to connect with her clients.

Speaking engagements / Seminars
This is a truly powerful and life-changing opportunity to learn the intricate challenges that inevitably impact all relationships. Guided by two of the leading and influential life coaches – Aviva Reimer and Michael Highstead, you will gain twice the knowledge from two powerful coaches in one seminar. 

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